How to win website visitors trust?

Have you ever asked yourself: do my visitors trust my business? If not you should start asking as soon as possible, because winning visitors trust is the first goal of your company marketing. All transactions, either online or offline, are based on the trust between the two parties. Without having trust in the other side, you can’t … Read more

10 Marketing Automation features that will bring sexy profits!

  Find out what is marketing automation and how it can help your business. It’s like having another data specialist into your marketing department, doing the hardest part of their work. Is Marketing Automation what I think it is? Collecting user information by CRMs and marketing automation tools is the first important part of a … Read more

What is Ecommerce Sales Equation

So you want to understand sales for your online shop. The simplest equation is: S = T x RC x AOV – R [Sales= Traffic (T) * Conversion Rate * Average Order Value – Returns] The formula is easy to remember and contains the following metrics: Traffic (number of users who visit your website for a specific period) Conversion Rate (percent … Read more

Google offers FREE cross-channel attribution using AI

Yesterday, at Next Marketing Conference, Google launched free cross-channel attribution solution. By unifying data from Adwords, Analytics and Double Click, it can better measure the influence of every channel that user interacts with before conversion. Babak Pahlavan, (senior director of product management for analytics and measurement), declared: “We capture the clicks, as long as there was a click, … Read more

All about Push Notifications

All you need to know about push notifications: Push notifications are short messages displayed when browser is open. Currently they are available on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. How push notifications work? People are visiting your website, and a prompt asking for push notifications permission appears. If they give permission you can target them later … Read more

Web push notifications for online stores

Push notifications are something you need to read about. This article tries to summarise how can push notifications get more sales for your store. All online shops use email, social media, affiliate marketing, text messages, or ad networks to bring (back) traffic to their website. The results vary for each of these channels, so we won’t … Read more

What is ecommerce marketing automation?

We’ve started all to hear and read about marketing automation. But what does it mean for ecommerce? Ecommerce marketing automation is a solution capable of dealing with repetitive tasks which otherwise would be done manually by a human. Think about social media, customer support, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, retargeting which can be set and … Read more

What’s next after conversion rate optimization?

Here we are in 2017 still searching for conversion rate optimization tools. There is so much content writter on conversion optimization solutions, ideas, tricks and lots that you might think is changing the world. Is this true, are we missing something if we don’t optimise our site based on conversion rate? Definitely we miss some … Read more

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