Marketing Automation for insurance & brokering companies has a very important role. You can create campaigns that take customers from prospects (before purchase) to reminders (insurance prolongation) or upsell services.

Collect prospects

More added value

Convince them to renew your services

Optimize Lifetime Value

Reminders before insurance expiration

You know how easy is to renew a contract compared to getting a new client. Costs are smaller. Automate this communication and make them your clients on the long term.

Grow conversion rate using A/B testing

Your clients have different profiles. Personalize communication on individual level and test various variations to see which bring the most results.

Multi channel communication

Email, push or text message? What's working best for your clients?

Interested in marketing automation for insurance?

Insurance companies benefit most from recurring clients. Let's see how we can do it for your clients.

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