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Each client is unique. See what he likes, his history or needs, so you can determine what really matters to him.

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All static information (like birthdate, subscription date) or dynamic (lifetime value, actual score, active tags) can be visualized in a dedicated page.

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What [email protected] did in the past 30 days? See all events with detailed data in chronological order: products, categories, searches, adds to cart or confirmations.

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You can see emails sent in the last period. This is useful to follow campaigns and purchases. From this place you can also subscribe/unsubscribe from your emails.


What categories are they interested in? What items are sitting in their carts? What did they searched for on your shop? See detailed information and use it for chat/email communication.

Want to see what each user has done?

We display everything related to user and you can always access them.

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