Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best performing channel, with the highest ROI. In the last years, general newsetters changed with personalized content, and emails sent based on user activity became increasingly important.

3 reasons to think about a new and advanced solution:

You’re limited to a few triggers to send emails based on user behavior. You can’t choose users with carts that include “Dresses” over 75$

You’re limited to editing emails and include products into it. You don’t have control over recommendations algorithms!

You’re limited on how to send an email based on each user activity, profile and personal interests.

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Detailed reporting

100% customizable

Advanced Email Marketing

Times when emails was identical for every user have passed. If your email editor allows you to select products from database, you’re lucky. Now you need to get to the next level to create better email marketing campaigns, with minimal effort, for different audiences. Grow your email sales, using tools like analytics, email automation, A/B testing, advanced segmentation and better visual email editor.

Visual Editor with Drag&Drop to select products

Create and send a newsletter in 5 minutes. Automatically add products from database or select algorithms to have different results for each user. Dynamic tags are already common, and you can benefit from them here, starting with name, firstname, location, gender, category of interests or latest items added to cart.

Recover abandoned cart and checkout forms

Recover up to 20% from abandoned carts. The best email retargeting email campaign can be personalized based on cart value. More than that, include unique vouchers into each sent email.

Behavioral emails

Each user has different interests. Each client has different needs and uses your website differently. Offer them a better experience than your competitors. Or do you still send high heels to man looking for pants?

Advanced user segmentation

Newsletters sent to various segments generate twice more sales than generic emails. Segmentation means more than location, browser, gender. Group your users based on categories visited, time since last visit or score. Site and email actions defines their interests, so use this to increase your conversion rate.

Email content personalization

Hello **|firstname|default(‘there’)|**. Thank you for being our big fan. We saw you are interested in **|latestUserActivity.query|default(‘our products’)|**.
{%if user.county == ‘Miami’ %}In Miami we have FREE shipping!{%/if%}

This is a simple personalization example, including display conditions!

Product recommendations

User information collected from your website are pure gold. Use recommendations algorithms to show each visitor the products that he is most interested in and have highest chances of acquisition.

Automated recurring Newsletters

Newsletters can be completely personalized. Mix advanced segmentation with automated sending on daily, weekly or monthly basis. That’s how you have the best results, with minimal effort. You only need to follow results and receive shop orders.

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