Marketing Automation Features

What are top features of MARA, used for better marketing automation

List of top features used in marketing automation

The following list of features is not complete. If you register for a free account you can benefit from all of these and the ones missing from the list below. Find out what makes the best marketing automation software.

Most Common Marketing Automation Features

Most Common Marketing Automation Features

MARA features

Setup & Integrations
Ecommerce platforms plugins/modules/extensions checked
Standard ecommerce/email events tracked by default checked
Custom events tracking checked
Auto-tracking and user identification checked
TagManager support checked
Account Management & Support
Scenarios/Predefined campaigns checked
User Management and Roles checked
In-app help documentation checked
Setup user communication limits checked
Other support channels, Skype/Email/Phone/Chat checked
PUSH Notifications
1-click installation checked
Deliver based on behaviour checked
Dynamic content and tags checked
Instant delivery for entire list checked
Custom UTM-tracking checked
Email Marketing
Newsletters, product data included checked
Transactional Email Workflows, based on user behaviour checked
Automated, recurring newsletters checked
Advanced but simple drag&drop visual email editors checked
Unique coupon codes generation checked
A/B testing of content, subject checked
Email Provider A/B testing (Sendgrid/Amazon/Sparkpost/ElasticEmail/Mailgun/Mandrill/any SMTP) checked
Dynamic email personalization checked
Include product recommendations inside email checked
Advanced user segmentation, based on attributes checked
Advanced event-based user segmentations, including product data conditions checked
Campaign level customizable UTM tracking checked
Direct edit of HTML checked
Product recommendations
Match your existing content checked
A/B testing of content, design and algorithms checked
Fast delivery, in 0.5 seconds checked
20 built-in recommendations algorithms. Cross-sell/Upsell and others checked
Embed onsite on into other third party solutions checked
Click and purchase reports checked
Onsite Interactions
Email collector popups/widgets checked
Gallery of templates you can use right away checked
Dynamic onsite messages checked
Lots of triggers: click, on-exit intent, page-load, scroll, wait checked
Advanced onsite segmentation, over 40+ rules checked
User data collection
Polls & Surveys checked
Net Promoter Score checked
Predefined data collection campaigns checked
Facebook Integration
Collect emails from Facebook checked
Auto-posting products slideshows/videos checked
Reporting and statistics
Campaign detailed metrics checked
Ecommerce catalogue reports checked
Custom segment evolution checked
Site activity reports checked
User profile 360 view checked
Assisted conversions reports checked
Third parties integration
Other email providers (Sendgrid/Amazon/Sparkpost/ElasticEmail/Mailgun/Mandrill/any SMTP) checked
Google Analytics checked
External APIs to send new emails checked
Coupon code request API checked
Javascript API checked
Add/Edit contacts server side checked
Sending Events API checked
Is there something missing? If YES, get in touch with us, become a client and we will add it! I want all!

The entire list of marketing automation features are the most common, used by the majority of our clients. Some small features were not added here, to keep things more clean. If you have questions regarding something very specific, please contact us.

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