User segmentation

Probably the most advanced segmentation tool from the market. Over 300 segmentation conditions, attributes, tags and actions. For example: extract people who bought red dresses before New Year, over $77. And them send them an email or a push notification.

Increase conversion rate

Campaign targeted to a small group brings twice as many results. The same good results are available for email campaigns, onsite campaigns, product recommendations or anything else. Adding A/B testing will maximize the results.

Profile attributes

Send campaigns to a specific group based only on age, location or gender? It’s a good thing, but still not enough. Use our dynamic attributes: last visit to site, last purchase value, or total purchases values that are automatically computed for each user.

Activity history

Behavior determines interests, and if you use this information for advanced segmentation you grow your business. Add conditions to events and extract small groups that you can target very efficient. Example: People from New Jersey that added to cart Canon Printer over $250 in the last 7 days.

Onsite segmentation

New visitor or returning? Desktop, mobile or tablet? Cart value over $150? Already client? Mix over 40 segmentation conditions and display messages to the right person at the right time. This segmentation is available for web personalization.

Segment evolution

Probably a unique feature to determin segment evolution over time. Our system computes automatically on a recurring basis the count of any dynamic segment and saves it.

How can segmentation increase your conversion rate?

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