PUSH notifications

Better than email marketing? With a click rate of 30% there is a high chance of dethrone email marketing for best ROI marketing channel.

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Test Push Notifications

Currently available on Chrome, Firefox and Opera mobile.

Ask for permission

Higher subscription rate compared to email. In addition, we allow to personalize the message before asking for permission!

Recovery of abandoned carts

Through email marketing you can recover up to 25% of abandoned carts. Not only you can reach the same success using PUSH notifications, but you might also be able to exceed those rates.

Transactional PUSH notifications

User behavior is very important. By respecting their needs you can win their respect as well. The easiest way is to send notifications based on interests and behavior.

Web PUSH personalization

hello **|firstname|default(”)|**. The same dynamic tags are available for push notifications as well. This is what makes our service much better than competition.

Instant and unlimited delivery!

Want to send to whole list at once? We guarantee message delivery within 5 seconds for entire list. Also sending to custom segments is made very very fast.

Want to try advanced email marketing for your business?

New communication channel with a high ROI
Click and subscription rate are higher compared to email metrics
Anonymous communication, without personal identifiable information
Sending messages to users when they are not live on your website is possible now. Make them come back.
Easily and fast implementation!
Completely FREE and unlimited!

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