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Marketing Automation through EMAIL

Retargeting campaigns through email

Convert more visitors into customers

Welcome and visit retargeting campaigns reconnect you with lost visitors. Send them a short email with a welcome message. Add recommended products based on visit history or site search history. You will impress them with a targeted approach and personalized content to persuade them to return.

Most popular campaigns:

Recovery campaigns through email

Persuade leads to finish purchase

Visitors who added products to their carts or started checkout process, but did not finish are the most valuable prospects. Abandoned products are there from some specific reasons, but purchase intention is very strong. Remarket to those in real-time, using email marketing, text messages or push notifications to remind about your special offers. Include abandoned products to satisfy their desires and increase click rates!

Best performing email retargeting campaigns:

Replenishment campaigns

Increase user lifetime value

First purchase is hard to get. Subsequent ones are the most valuable, because it’s 5 time more expensive to get a new client, than to sell again to old customers. Replenishment campaigns, reminders of products with a short&repetitive life-cycle, or upsells and crosssells are the best performing campaigns that bring those second purchases.

Post purchase emails, come-back emails, we miss you messages or other campaigns sent after first purchase, should be part of your strategy for increasing customer life-time.

Ready to start campaigns:

Increase conversion rate through Dynamic Personalization

ON-SITE personalization

Increase leads database and stop visitors bounce

Our tools for behavioral interactions allow you to decrease bounce rate and to stop site abandonment. Second-level goals like collecting email addresses or push subscribers will allow you to retarget your clients later. Identify and reach visitors in the moment they are about to live the website, using our most-popular exit-intent trigger.

Explore our most popular campaigns:

Increase online sales through Product recommendations

Personalized product recommendations

Display in real-time products that are most desired by your visitors

Our recommendation engine is capable of identifying users’ interests based on their behavior, site/email history and interests. Product recommendations are delivered using one of the 20+ standard algorithms, to fully personalize shopping experience of each visitor.

Some algorithms:

Marketing automation through PUSH Notifications

PUSH Notifications

Communicate intransigently and much faster with your visitors.

PUSH notifications represent a new channel of communication. They are very easy to start with and have a low unsubscribe rate. Results are better compared with email marketing campaigns.

Simple and powerful:

Collect data using Onsite Polls

Surveys & NPS

Collect user information using smart polls

Do you know all the unsubscribe reasons of your subscribers? Why do they hesitate into finishing purchase? What rating would they give you and how many would recommend your business to their friends? Find answers to any question using our polls.

Campaigns examples:

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