FREE Email Templates

We’ve designed, converted images into responsive HTML and tested the following email templates against most common email clients. But feel free to use them anyway and share with your friends.

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14 Responsive email templates for free

The following email templates have been tested by our email developers team using most common clients: both desktop and mobile, android and ios.

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  • Recover Abandoned cart email template
  • Abandoned Checkout Email template
  • Newsletter with products email
  • Product/Category browse retargeting email template
  • Welcome email template
  • Coupon Code/Promo voucher email template

Are emails responsive?

We’ve tested them against the most common email clients with success. Including Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and IOS/Android. If you see any issues displaying the content in your email client, contact us.

Can I use them in other online services?

Yes, you can. However, you might want to change some texts, images, or preview and unsubscribe link. We do not guarantee they work in any other email editor. But why don’t you register forĀ a free account at MARA?

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