HTML/Email UTM Params builder

Add UTM tracking params to all URL’s for a HTML or email content.

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Convert all links with UTM params for entire html

Generated links with UTM tracking params:

Copy and share the generated links below on mediums you are using to bring traffic to your website.

Remember! Do not use links with UTM params on your own website. You lose important traffic sources.

What is HTML/Email UTM builder

Our UTM link editor will add UTM tracking params to all links found in your HTML text.

If you only need to add UTM params to one or a few links, see Best Google UTM Builder

How should I use HTML UTM link generator?

Copy and paste the entire html you want to add UTM params to the links inside. Select from one of our examples or enter your custom params. Click Add Tracking to add UTM params to all your links

Why are campaign utm params important?

If you want to send an email with this html or to publish it on another website to bring you more traffic, then you are a smart marketer. This is the only wat to correctly track every marketing campaign you invest time and effort into.

What are campaign URL builder examples?

Having your external links with UTM tracking params allow your analytics software to better assign traffic to specific campaigns you spend money on. That’s how you can see if your marketing budget is well spent or the traffic you are bringing converts well. Otherwise it’s hard to identify what click bring you a conversion.

What are campaign URL builder examples?

We’re a marketing company so we use this UTM params on a daily basis. This way we’ve built the best utm tracking params for various cases and we share those with you to give some examples.

Example of a link to our website:

Example of a link to our website:
  • Campaign Name: promo
  • Content: right_side
  • Source: facebook
  • Medium: cpc
  • Term: v2

Example URL’s with UTM params

Pay attention to character case. Analytics solutions are case sensitive, so utm_source=google is different from utm_source=Google.

Read more about Google Custom Campaigns

Google has a URL builder

Facebook has a URL builder

What are UTM params?

UTM campaignThe name of the campaign, like spring_sale, black_friday. It’s the only one required.UTM sourceUTM source tells the source that is sending the visit to your website. It can be: radio, offline, facebook, newsletter, affiliate. In many cases, is the tool or service you used to create the medium.UTM mediumUTM medium is used for tracking the advertising medium like email, banner, ppc, articleUTM contentUTM content is used to differentiate between multiple banners of the same campaign or multiple zones of the same banner, or A/B testing versionsUTM termUTM term was initially used to track keywords from a search, texts in a link

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