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Reasons why MARA is one of the best marketing automation solutions

Marketing Automation is every marketer’s dream. You hear about it everywhere, but…

What is Marketing automation?

Marketing Automation Definition: It’s a software created with the goal of automating marketing actions and efforts. In any marketing department there are lots of repetitive tasks that can be automated: social media, emails, website messages.

Marketing Automation tools make these tasks much easier.

Many Marketing Automation Solutions are only separated pieces of software

Plenty of Marketing Automation Software promise you increase in sales. If you add them all you will get 1000% more revenue. But why it doesn’t work?

Many of the marketing automation solutions we’ve checked are not focusing on the user. They have greate design, best email triggers, but user is last.

Marketing Automation Blog Posts

There is so many information on marketing automation, and so many important articles would have a place here, that is not possible to keep track of everything. Here are some of our best articles for marketing automation. They came in the format of videos, webinar, articles, infographics, presentations, podcasts or anything that speaks about marketing automation.

Marketing Automation Blog Articles

Marketing Automation Infographics

Infographics are read easier and people better understand what they are trying to present because of the visuals. Make sure you follow our blog and infographics section.

Marketing Automation Infographics

Marketing Automation Free Tools

We are giving some of the most common free tools to help you get started with marketing automation. Some of these tools can be used by any marketeer.

Marketing Automation Free Tools

Marketing Automation Campaigns

Resources are helping you get started. Have a look at our marketing automation scenarios, that you can start with automatically when you create a new account.

Marketing Automation Campaigns

Most important questions about Marketing Automation

You probably want to know more about marketing automation or simple can’t decide why MARA is one of the best marketing automation solutions. Here are the most common questions our clients are asking us.

1. How do you know if it’s time to start using marketing automation

You run an online business and have a lot of traffic which converts and buys your products and services, but you need to put more efforts into marketing actions, otherwise you will start loosing those sales. To scale your successful efforts of having all this traffic and sales continue, it’s time to implement a marketing automation strategy and to find the best marketing automation solution for your business.

A good marketing automation software will help you nurture quality prospects into repetitive customers. The best marketing automation solution can adapt to your business and will help you with get even more leads and traffic from external sources to convert them into more revenue.

Here are some good questions you need to ask yourself when deciding if you need a marketing automation solution or not:

  • Do you have enough traffic that already converts and keeps your business running?
  • Are you using other software, like email marketing, push notifications?
  • Has marketing and sales agreed that there are some repetitive actions on a daily basis?
  • Do you want to have more time to deal with customers, partners, supplies?
  • Are you decided over the best channels with the highest ROI? Can traffic from these sources be better converted into customers?

The key here is understanding that marketing automation does not do marketing for you by itself, but can help scale your successful marketing efforts.

2. What makes a good marketing automation strategy?

A good marketing automation strategy depends on the general marketing strategy you have in place. There are many parts that when put into place will establish a great and successful marketing strategy that scales automatically with your business.

What you need to keep in mind is that in the center of any marketing automation strategy is your customer. Every marketing automation campaigns is built around the user.

The second most important thing about marketing automation is that it’s not replacing marketing people and specialists. It helps you scale marketing efforts by automating repetitive activity, which is currently wasting people’s time.

The best marketing automation strategy will consider your existing strategy. You already know your best converting traffic sources, you already run conversion optimization experiments on the website and only want to automate those.

3. What differentiates a good marketing automation solution?

Many marketing automation campaigns can be run through many different marketing tools. Some of them are built-in under your existing web platform, and for some you export data to give them input for running campaigns. An effecting marketing automation approach is to combine all these tools together so you have a 360 degrees overview of your efforts and results.

Basic marketing automation tools only allow you to run a few email triggers (the best ones), based on some time delays or actions like open email, add to cart and so on. If you are not able to create any custom event and delay to trigger something custom to you users that marketing automation solution needs to be replaced.

Great automated campaigns take care of your users, their actions and interests, purchase history and are able to adapt to your business interests as well. MARA Marketing Automation solution tracks users on the website, mobile device and unifies all that information under individual profiles.

Good marketing automation solutions use behavioural inputs from users and multiple channels where they spend their time: social media, other websites, email marketing. If you need the best marketing automation software, you want to be able to collect information from various sources, even offline and not only rely on email address. Identify customers on various other identification strategies!

4. What should I be aware of when choosing a marketing automation solution?

There are plenty of marketing automation solutions on the market. Some of them promise you increase of 200% in revenue in just a month. We know that is not possible. Be aware of the following marketing automation tools:

  • They promise you a too good to be true increase in revenue
  • They are not open about reports and metrics
  • They do not integrate with other solution providers, so you can be sure of the results
  • They overwrite real traffic sources, and put all the success on their behalf.

5. What features should have the best marketing automation solution?

Depending on your business type, there are some features that are a must in any marketing automation solution.

You can always have a look over our always improving features because those are a must in any marketing automation tool. If you are not sure about it, think about any tools you are currently using and you use it repetitively. Those tools/features should be present in your marketing automation solution:

  • Email Marketing
  • Push Notifications
  • Product Recommendations
  • Lead Collector
  • Surveys and Polls
  • Web Personalization
  • Text Messages
  • User Profile
  • Advanced User segmentation

6. How to get started with MARA Marketing Automation?

It’s so easy to get started with our Marketing automation solution. First you need to create an account, and all our marketing automation scenario campaigns can be setup in a matter of minutes.

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