Opencart Product Recommendations

The best product recommendations solution for Opencart stores. Display recommended products on your store to increase conversion rate and grow average order value. Use more than personalizable 20 algorithms to deliver recommendations.

How to add product recommendations on your Opencart store?

MARA module for Opencart integrates into your store to syncronize product information so it delivers real time product recommendations in the places you choose.


It’s easy to add product recommendations to your store.

A simple code needs to be added where to place the recommendations and that’s all you need to do to use Opencart Product Recommendations.

Best Product Recommendations Solution for Opencart

MARA gives you the best product recommendation tool for Opencart. Integrating our solution to display recommended product using more than 20 algorithms: best sellers, cross and up-sell, similar to other shoppers, adde to cart and many-many-more.

Recommendations Algorithms on Opencart store

MARA recommendation engine has built-on about 20+ product recommendations algorithms. Those consider the following: user interests, user activity, current page (where are those displayed), user historical confirmations, shop best sellers and so on.

Product recommendations for Opencart help you increase sales, order value and lead the customer to finish the purchase sooner.

Read more about our recommender engine.

Product Recommendations Design

Product recommendations are helping users to find what they looking for. 20+ algorithms can be included on your website on any page: product page, category/listing page, search results, cart page or homepage.

Similar products, cross-sell, upsell or best products by conversion rate, by units sold and more algorithms. Part of our amazin marketing automation solution for opencart, product recommendations can be used in both email and displayed on the website.

Where to display Opencart Product Recommendations

There are a few pages on every Opencart store where product recommendations deliver the best results. Note that recommendation design are responsive and will perfectly match page design.

  • Product Page: Similar products, cross-sell, upsell for Opencart
  • Homepage: User related recommendations (based on history, purchases and activity)
  • Category Pages: Best sellers in that category, what others have bought
  • Cart/Checkout: Cross-sell and upsell
  • Confirmation page: Best sellers, what others have bought

Those are only a few reasons to use MARA as your product recommendations software for Opencart. Fill the form you have here to create your free account.

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