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Generate an animated GIF countdown and use it into your emails. Very good results with creating urgency and generating more sales! Create one now!

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Best Marketing Automation all-in-one:

Email marketing

  • Automated personalized emails.
  • Unlimited triggers.
  • Visual editor with product selector & recommendations.


  • Dynamic messages
  • Exit-intent trigger.
  • Email popups & collectors.
  • Design gallery.

Product recommendations

  • 20+ algorithms
  • Site & email integration.
  • Custom design.

PUSH notifications

  • Send in a few seconds to all subscribers.
  • Dynamic messages, including product information.
  • Custom user segmentation.

User segmentation

  • Extremely advanced segmentation.
  • User profile and activity conditions.
  • Individual user profile.

Surveys and forms

  • Collect information.
  • Find answers to your questions, show polls and surveys.
  • 7 question types

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Personalized messages for every client.


Recover up to 30% abandoned carts.


Lower bounce rate for visitors!

Complete functionality for Best Marketing Automation

Each business is unique, you can customize every aspect from triggers, campaigns, content, segmentation, attributes.

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Easy Integration

We have modules and plugins for the most common CMSs. Integration for any other solution can be done with a few scripts, according to our documentation.

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The best marketing automation solution, which is behind MARA software, needs to include a wide range of tools that will help you automate your marketing. Email marketing, push notifications, onsite personalization are three marketing channels that will deliver dynamic and personalized messages for your customers.

Central for your marketing strategy is our 360 customer centric database, which powers all the features that are built around it: Product Recommendations, Polls and Surveys or Landing pages. When working with a marketing automation solution you need to have a good strategy of tracking efforts through reports, UTM tracking params and most important, assisted sales.

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