The complete Checklist to prepare for Black Friday 2017

There is only one month left for this year BlackFriday. Do you know what to do to prepare for a successful campaign?

The following checklist is a part of the complete guide we are going to launch next week. It’s going to be FREE for all our subscribers, so subscribe to MARA to get it.


  • Your website loads in about 2 seconds
  • Test server capacity for a high traffic volume
  • Your website design is responsive and you can easily make orders from mobile
  • Show detailed information about shipping and return policies
  • Test all website features, including checkout and ordering process
  • Temporarily add a BlackFriday specific theme
  • Install tracking pixels for all third party used solutions

Support Service

  • Make public and display information on the website that deliveries will take longer than usual
  • Install tools for client support: live-chat, Facebook messenger, whatsapp
  • Supplement support staff to cope with higher volume
  • Loyalize clients from BF campaign to become recurring customers

Products and suppliers

  • Find out the most wanted product categories using surveys
  • Set with your suppliers what items can have large discounts
  • Analyze catalog reports for most wishlisted and added to cart products to find out what interests users haveMarketing
    • Plan marketing calendar for the entire period
    • Collect email addresses and push subscribers
    • Optimize site for search engines to include BlackFriday specific keywords and join special directories
    • Setup and start remarketing campaigns on Facebook Ads and Google Adwords
    • Use social media to promote your BF campaign
      • Change Cover image on your page
      • Create a tab for users to subscribe to newsletter
      • Use #blackfriday hashtags for your brand
    • Start retargeting campaigns through email and push notifications
    • Create content (blog articles, videos) to promote your BlackFriday campaign
    • Send newsletters to prepare your subscribers about the limited campaign
    • Make a dedicated landing page with your promotions
    • Make banners for website, Adwords, Facebook Ads, affiliates and other external sources
    • Start cart recovery through email & push notifications
    • Personalize email communication for various customer segments
    • Use custom UTM tags for all your BF campaigns

List of Resources for BlackFriday:

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