25 essential rules for email marketing

Each advertiser has different strategies and ways of approach, regardless of the marketing channel used, but there is also a small set of rules that each of them has to respect if they want to get good results.

So we have for you 25 essential rules for email marketing:

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Why email marketing is better than social media marketing?

In 2018 social media still remain a great marketing tool. Some good marketing strategies can generate debates and they connect audiences with you business.

However, email marketing is said to be 20 times more effective than social media even if emails are prone to getting pushed aside, deleted or ignored entirely. Email marketing campaigns are more effective at attracting audiences and getting them to subscribe during checkout after making a purchase, and they increase the reorder value by as much as 17%.

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Must Have Ecommerce Email Campaigns to Grow Revenue

Email is still the best channel in terms of return of investment for ecommerce. So what are the best ecommerce email campaigns to increase your sales?

Hopefully you already build your list of email subscribers. After that you can start small and send good campaigns in order to keep your customers engaged.

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Improve your ecommerce email marketing strategy with these ideas!

MARA is all about marketing automation, as you know it. You might be already using our 20+ automations scenarios or any other email marketing automations solutions, which probably increased your revenue already. Some other very effective strategies that work together with automations can be used to increase revenues even more. Optimizing campaigns from time to time … Read more

6 Best Performing Email Retargeting Campaigns

Those are the best performing email campaigns that you must have for your ecommerce business. If you don’t know how to create them, get in touch with us or create a free account. There’s no specific order for the following campaigns, because the results are different based on each shop, industry size or target.

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