Must Have Ecommerce Email Campaigns to Grow Revenue

Email is still the best channel in terms of return of investment for ecommerce. So what are the best ecommerce email campaigns to increase your sales?

Hopefully you already build your list of email subscribers. After that you can start small and send good campaigns in order to keep your customers engaged.

So what are the must have ecommerce email campaigns?

First of all we will group these campaigns to be easier to understand.

  • order related emails
  • transactional emails (based on customer behaviour)
  • marketing/promotional campaigns
  • feedback/reviews emails

Order related emails:

There are some emails that are already built into your ecommerce platform: order processing/confirmation email, account registration, payment confirmation and a few others.

We won’t insist a lot on these kind of emails because it depends on the infrastructure you re’ using.

Transactional emails:

Transactional emails are sent based on customer behaviour: cart abandonment, product/category bounce behaviour, based on search behaviour, product replenishment and so on.

These emails are automated and sent through a marketing automation system like ours.

Best transactional emails, based on customer behaviour:

  • abandoned cart (adds to cart but do not finish purchase)
  • checkout recovery (starts filling the checkout form)
  • view products/categories or search queries without purchase
  • wishlisted/viewed items got back in stock
  • wishlisted/addedtocart/viewed items are on limited stock
  • wishlisted/addedtocart/viewed items price is down

Marketing/Promotional emails:

Some people do not visit your website so you do not have user activity in order to send transactional emails. So you probably have a weekly or monthly newsletter with the best or newest products you added in that period.

I’ll recommend here creating a strategy of sending promotional emails. Segment users by:

  • email activity (do not send too often to inactive users)
  • interests (based on categories, price range, brands and so on)
  • demographics

Feedback/Reviews emails:

Growing your business is not only about pushing products and sale messages to your customers and social profiles. You need to determine what customers want from you, how you can improve your customer support or find out your NPS.

With MARA you can include surveys into emails!

To view a complete gallery of email designs visit our marketing design gallery.

There are so many articles on the internet about email campaigns for ecommerce store, we’re going to list only a few here:

What are your preferred email campaigns?

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