How to calculate ROAS

What is ROAS? ROAS Definition: Return On Advertising Spend, (ROAS), is a metric that measures the results of a digital advertising campaign. It returns the amount of revenue you get for every dollar spent into advertising. Why you should calculate ROAS? Having ROAS calculated you can evaluate how marketing & advertising are working and how you … Read more

Best Marketing Automation Software for Magento

So you have a Magento store and you’re looking for the Best Marketing Automation Tool for it, right? You are on the right page. Here are the reasons: Our extension integrates automatically with your store. Events sent to our systems: product view, add to cart, add to wishlist, category view, search, add to cart, checkout … Read more

How to Create a Performing Lead Generation System

A Powerful Lead Generation System Teaches You How to Set Email Collector, TagManager, Analytics + Remarketing Correctly. We want your email address, your phone number or any other contact details so that after we could turn you into a client. Sometimes we do not even follow a step-by-step sale cycle so we can convince you that … Read more

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