What is the best Email Provider (ESP)?

Everybody is looking for the best email provider. Also the best marketing automation solution or best email marketing software. But how do you know what is the best email provider?

We do not have the answer to that for everyone, but definitely we can help you find out.

There is no best email provider for everybody, but you can find which is the best for you. It depends on:

  • the industry you’re in
  • what email clients your subscribers use
  • how often do you send emails
  • content of your emails.

How do you find our what is the best email provider for you?

First of all what is an email provider. There are so many definitions on the web, so we choose the one that if purely focused on our needs:

An email service provider (ESP) is a company that offers email marketing or bulk email services. So it’s the software that makes possible to send an email and take care of all related stuff (spam/bounce etc).

MARA is not a real ESP, but we work like one. This is possible because we added an extra layer to an ESP service that simplifies interaction with it.

There are many email service providers (real ones, that have built the software to deal with email sending, or MTA), and there are many more built on top of those.

Compared to others MARA integrates with many ESP, and we’ve abstracted everything so it behaves the same. We deal with spam/bounces/clicks/opens the same with any of the ESP we are integrated with.

So, what we have for now:

So we do integrate with any of these, meaning that you can choose which one to choose for your account.

Better than that: you can choose email provider at campaign level.  So if you added 2 or more email providers a list will show up in campaign form to let you choose which one to use for that sending.

That’s so cool! But is not everything. Letting you choose email provider on campaign level wasn’t enough for us.

So we did it on variation level! That’s A/B testing for email providers. When you create a content variation (where you usually test subject lines/from address/name or content) you can now select email provider for that variation.

So this is the solution to decide what is the best email provider for you.

In order to decide the best email providers you, you need to create accounts with those email providers and authenticate your domains.

Then add the API credentials into our platform, under Email settings and you’re ready to go. Do not forget to test email settings before sending a real campaign.

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