Free (& paid) countdown timers you can use in your email

What is a countdown timer?

A countdown timer can be defined as a virtual alarm that counts time left to a certain date in order to indicate the end of or beginning of an event, time related action or offer.

There are countless options on the internet that allow you to generate a countdown timer. There are many styles, sizes you can use. Also many of them allow you to host the image for free, or you can download it and upload based on your needs.

According to our internal surveys, a countdown timer increases goals by as much as 7%:

GIF countdown timer offered by

Inside MARA platform you have countdown timers that you can automatically add to your emails.

Just drag&drop the element to your email and configure it. That’s all, nothing else to do..

Free email countdown offered by Sendtric.

You can create a countdown timer on sendtric website. The options you have:

  • timezone
  • language
  • colors

Free Countdown timer offered by EmailTaco

Another email countdown you can use is one from

You can only configure expiration date and expiration time, and automatically generates the URL’s to get your countdown timer:

Not free (paid) Countdown timer from Makedreamprofits

A more advanced solution that you have to pay for is the one from the site above.

It gives you more options for customizations, multiple languages and design styles. It’s free for 10.000 views, but for more you need to pay.

Another paid countdown timer from

A nice solution for money is given by Giving the fact that you pay for it, it gives you multiple options:

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