Lucky Wheel

Email email email. Foy years now is one of the best performing channels. Cheaper than ads, with better results than push notifications or text messages, it continues to be like that in 2021 as well. There are countless ways to collect emails on your website, many of them that we also provide: popups, full-screens various widgets and so on. And today we’ll present the Lucky Wheel interactive collector. Also know as Wheel of Fortune.

But which one has the best conversion rate? What’s the best strategy to get more subscribers convinced that you’ll provide them with value over time and not only get their email address to spam on a daily basis?

There are some rules, that don’t need to be said again, but let’s recap those:

  • Never sell, rent your email list.
  • Never spam! A daily email to everyone is useless and it’s spammy.
  • Try to include relevant content. Use personalisation and product recommendations inside email.

Going back to our article, our interactive Lucky Wheel email collector campaign had some amazing results on our customers: 4 times more emails collected than a standard popup!

How it looks like

How can it be configured?

There are many configuration options, but to say the most important ones:

  • you can have from 6 to 12 options to give to your visitors
  • many colors already available, but also possible to add your own.
  • give winning chances to every option. So you control the prizes.
  • send winning codes by email, simply creating a transactional campaign starting with formsubmit event.

Here’s a screenshot of the configuration page. For a full documentation on this, read our help article.

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