Why email marketing is better than social media marketing?

In 2018 social media still remain a great marketing tool. Some good marketing strategies can generate debates and they connect audiences with you business.

However, email marketing is said to be 20 times more effective than social media even if emails are prone to getting pushed aside, deleted or ignored entirely. Email marketing campaigns are more effective at attracting audiences and getting them to subscribe during checkout after making a purchase, and they increase the reorder value by as much as 17%.

Not convinced? We have for you some more reasons why email marketing is better than social media marketing:

1. Emails result in conversions

90% of all emails that are created are delivered to the intended recipient whereas only a small percentage of Facebook fans actually see and keep up with the post on your newsfeed.

The social media platform limits the number of posts that can appear on the news feed. This is their strategy to increase the number of people that pay for advertising.

2. Emails are more formal

Businesses that are focused on growth and building strong relationships are more likely to rely on a formal mode of communication. Emails present businesses with the opportunity to approach and engage with customers in the most professional way possible. To maximize your marketing campaigns, businesses should focus on utilizing a mix of different marketing techniques and channels that can give a business the widest reach.

3. The numbers speak for themselves

There are nearly three times as many people with emails as people with social media platforms accounts. Every search that is made on the web equals to a huge percentage of daily email traffic. Marketers must consider email marketing as not just essential to their businesses, but also foundational to their marketing and advertising.

4. Emails are more personal

First, people don’t just shell out their email addresses to just anyone because they are extremely personal. Almost every people has an email address and even a larger number of older people rely on emails compared to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Second, business minded customers are more likely to turn to email marketing than go on Private Chat on Facebook.

In conclusion social media marketing and email marketing are well worth your time and effort, but focus the majority of your energy on email marketing. Use social media and other strategies to supplement your efforts, promote your brand’s image, and grow your email list.

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