Examples and Advantages of PUSH Notifications for ecommerce

PUSH Notifications advantages and examples
Examples and Advantages of using PUSH Notifications to your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Advantages of PUSH Notifications

  1. Very easy to install and start sending
  2. Very low unsubscribe rate
  3. Instant delivery to any number of subscribers
  4. High click rate of about 30-40%
  5. Do not require personal identifiable information (like email address)
  6. Almost FREE
  7. Can be sent to individuals or segments of your subscribers
  8. Allow for personalization and dynamic tags

Examples of PUSH Notifications campaigns for Ecommerce

  • Recover of abandoned carts
  • Send promo offers, similar to sending newseltters
  • Say Happy Birthday to each subscriber separately
  • Send personalized vouchers
  • Retarget visitors who left the website without buying

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