2017 Holidays Marketing Campaigns Tips (with props)

2017 Holidays are around the corner, so you need to be prepared.

The best advice from all marketers we know is to start early. If you haven’t started this is your last chance.

If you don’t have already set all the tactics and marketing materials, here are some ideas for this year holidays. Use them for free and share this article for others to get inspired.

Depending on what you’re most inclined to use in your marketing materials and texts, here are some marketing props suggestions for holidays:

  • Christmas tree
  • Santa Claus
  • sledge
  • reindeer
  • snowflake
  • snowman
  • bells
  • globes
  • yellow stars
  • gift boxes
  • 1st January calendar
  • fireworks
  • cookies
  • red & green colors

Marketing Ideas for Holidays

Use these ideas to promote yourself, to show love and compassion and to increase brand awareness.

  1. Offer free gift wrapping
  2. Offer free shipping
  3. Add some free products to order as gifts
  4. Add a sense of urgency to copy
  5. Setup ad scheduling (so you don’t run campaigns after the holiday season)
  6. Run contests on social media for branding
  7. Throw an offline party
  8. Donate parts of sales to a charity (or ask for small donations when clients order)
  9. Make sure inventory is ready so you have what to sell

Email Marketing for Holidays

On average marketers (and our clients) increase their email sending by 100% during the months of November and December.

Would be great if you can change your email templates to match the spirit of Holidays. But if that is not possible, add at least a simple banner to your emails letting subscribers know what you’re up to for this Holidays.

Can you promise orders will arrive in time for Christmas or New Year’s Eve? Then say it all over the places.

Segment your customers at least by gender and interests.  When buying gifts behavioural gender is at it’s maximum, because you buy for somebody else. Use this information in your email marketing content for better personalization and higher increase of results.

Do not forget about email retargeting.

Pay close attention to your email subject lines when marketing for the holidays. Give them incentives to shop with you, because your competition probably does the same.

Do not forget about sending a Happy Christmas campaign. Customers want to get more than just sale messages and product information.

Here are some really nice email marketing campaigns for the holidays.

Onsite interactions campaigns

Collect email addresses using some fancy design and messages.

Display personalized messages based on interests and your own marketing strategy: free shipping anyone? surprise gifts?

Surveys&Polls Ideas

Data is king and customer needs are so important that you need to start using surveys and polls right away.

Ask your clients what they want (for themselves or for others). Is your service good enough? Do they find enough gifts on your website or they need to look for in other places.

What to ask in a survey:

  • for whom are you buying gifts
  • what would you like for Christmas
  • would you recommend our shop to your friends? NPS question

Facebook Ads & Google Adwords

Whether you’re selling shoes, gifts, books or fashion accessories, AdWords and Facebook ads are great place to get seasonal! How can one do this? Create campaigns targeting holiday shoppers!

New keywords like gifts and holiday are added to the usual searches so you can have campaigns running for gifts for mother or holiday socks.

Create Festive Display Ads. Use new color schemes,

Entertaining banners can really help create a cheerful connection between your brand and your potential customers.

Amplificate your remarketing efforts. On both ad networks you need to have smart campaigns that retarget products and messages to visitors who did not purchase anything after coming on your website.

Social Media Profiles

Change Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus cover photo with something in the spirit of Holidays.

Change profile photo with a short video showing a message to your customers.

Share useful information like gift ideas for mothers, family, friends to add value to your marketing messages and not only promote your products.

Interact with your fans, show off your new goodies, post pictures and videos showcasing the new products and options for gift wrapping.

Create a Holiday Gift Guide and share it across your social media channels.

Also make use of #tags for this holiday season. A good way to appear first in searches and to differentiate yourself.

Search Engine Optimization

Focus on SEO. There are many seasonal keywords , so if you’re ranking well for your main keywords, you’ll pick up on a ton of extra free traffic. Same keywords stand up for SEO as Google Adwords, like gifts, holiday, Christmas.

Some tips on last minute SEO for holidays from SearchEngineLand

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