New stuff added in November

Surveys become more important

Data is the new gold, you know it. So it’s real information from your customers. We’ve launched site polls one year ago, but if you wanted to send a survey by email or to share it on Facebook you couldn’t.

Until now!

New survey type campaigns give a public URL to be shared with your audience.

And they look like below:

New question types

You had 5 question types until today: short and long input, single or multiple options and NPS. We’ve added 2 new question types:

  • toggle (Yes/No or True/False or whatever you want)
  • mood state (smiley faces)

See entire demo by clicking the video link.

Personalized public links subdomain

You can have all your public links under your own domain:

What public links exists:

  • surveys links
  • subscribe and unsubscribe links
  • … something really cool will come in the following months

How to set personalized links

Email notifications for polls and surveys

Poll and survey campaigns allow you to receive answers automatically right after you get a new answer. Enter your email address there and choose Yes.

Newsletter process email notifications

Are you using our newsletter campaigns. Now we notify you by email when the newsletter is processed. Activate the option under: Account->Profile

Read about newsletter processing email report

Ecommerce modules update

We’ve updated our integration module to send customer firstname, lastname, county and city along with the order.

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