How to add a Custom Tab to your Facebook Page for collecting emails?

Facebook allows page admins to add Custom Tabs to their pages.

Technically, a Tab is an iframe loading a secure page over the internet. This Iframe can only be added by an authorized Facebook app.

Mara allows to add such a custom Tab to collect email addresses with only a few clicks.

How do I collect email addresses on my Facebook Page?

Steps to follow:

  • Login with your Facebook account who has admin rights over the Page you want to add the tab
  • Login to your MARA account. If you don’t have one, register now for free
  • Go to Setup->Integrations from the left side menu
  • Click on “Connect with Facebook”. This will open Facebook permission window
  • Allow VTMarketing App to manage your pages
  • Going back to our dashboard you need to select the Page you want to add the tab to
  • Choose a short and attractive name for the Tab. This will be visible in Facebook
  • Click on Update Tab to save changes and activate custom Tab

That’s all, the Tab will show up on your Facebook Page.

Custom Tab on your Facebook Page
Here’s how the custom tab will look like

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