All about Push Notifications

All you need to know about push notifications:

Push notifications are short messages displayed when browser is open. Currently they are available on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

How push notifications work?

People are visiting your website, and a prompt asking for push notifications permission appears.

If they give permission you can target them later with a short message.

How push notifications look like?

They appear on desktop browsers as a message in the top-right corner and on mobile the same way as any other notification.

What content can be sent inside a push message?

You can customize title, message content, thumbnail. Chrome allows for a bigger image to be displayed below the message. Clicking on it will redirect user to a link you provide.

What are the benefits of push notifications?

  1. Very small costs
  2. Very high click-rate
  3. Only few unsubscribes
  4. Instantly delivered
  5. Easy to start

How can you start sending push notifications?

You need to copy our javascript integration code on all your pages. And that’s all.

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