Google offers FREE cross-channel attribution using AI

Yesterday, at Next Marketing Conference, Google launched free cross-channel attribution solution. By unifying data from Adwords, Analytics and Double Click, it can better measure the influence of every channel that user interacts with before conversion.

Babak Pahlavan, (senior director of product management for analytics and measurement), declared:

“We capture the clicks, as long as there was a click, we can, for example, say how many of the conversations were from the social channel,”

New Google Attribution tool will give marketers a better overview of cost-benefits analysis for their marketing campaigns. This will start rolling in in the next period, so it can be compared with similar solutions on the market.

This new tool Google tries to kick last-click attribution to the curb, which only measure the impact of last touch point before conversion. In a similar way, we describe assisted conversions in our reports, through which a user interacts with multiple marketing messages before conversion.

The biggest problem of the soon old method (last-click) is that it ignores any previous interaction: email, search ads, retargeting, notificari push that happen before the last one which precedes a conversion. This is misleading for marketing people, who just lose the importance of previous marketing efforts during the sales funnel.

Of course, Google has it’s own interest here, because it controls Adwords, Youtube Ads which will be be lifted in conversion importance.

In the same official blog post, they announce that Enterprise 360 version will also bring Attribution 360, with much more detailed reports, including TV ads that influence the conversion. The cost of the Enterprise version is only $150.000 per year.

A short detailed description of how attribution modelling works is available here.

Offline Integration

Google brought a few updates to its offline measuring tool, Store Visits, which follows interactions in offline shops before online conversions.

Using Artificial Intelligence, measuring these visits is possible inside malls or shops agglomeration. Currently only possible in some cities like Tokyo, Sao Paolo could use this feature because of the numerous businesses located very close to each other.

Made available using AI

None of this would be possible without Google’s development of AI, Dischler said: “The only way we can confirm with 99% certainty that a user has visited a store, is with machine learning. If you were to use GPS data or Wi-Fi data alone, you’d get a very low degree of precision. Using deep neural networks, we take in data ranging from GPS, wifi, survey data and coordinates from hundreds of millions of buildings around the world to produce high-quality results.”

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