Existing email subscribers and the GDPR

You already have an email database you built over time. As you know each year you lose about 25% of these email subscribers for various reasons. Some unsubscribe, other do not exist anymore and so on.

This year you’ll have another reason to clean your email list: GDPR. If you do not have clear consent from those users or you can not trace valid consent you might need to remove them completely.

So you will need consent again. We have a great re-confirmation tool for you to start using today.

You may also think about including our new “confirmation” button into your outgoing emails, so you get everything transparent and fair.

Something like: 

“We’re updating our records to ensure we keep sending you all of our latest news and offers. Please confirm you still want to hear from us before May 2018 to ensure you keep getting our emails!”
The special tag will turn into a unique confirmation link.  Any subscriber who clicks it is re-confirmed and you’ll have a record of that consent.
With great power comes great responsibility.
Bear in mind if you go down the re-confirmation route, even if it’s just once, you are committed to honouring it. Otherwise, after May 2018 you will ONLY be able to email subscribers who have clicked confirm.
Disclaimer: The above information and materials created by our team are not intended to constitute or provide any legal advice.
You should seek advice from a legal professional or contact the Information Commissioners Office to discuss your business needs.

Updates for March

It’s hard to keep up with new clients and product updates. But in March we’ve worked on the following:

  • User Tags – you can easily add and now remove tags from users
  • Interaction campaigns – we’re sure they work on any website and our editor correctly deals with css
  • Countdown Timer – Generate Urgency by having an animated GIF added to your emails. View here
  • Leave Intent – A new smart trigger (different from Exit Trigger) that can be used when clients try to leave your website for real.
  • Invoice Feedback – A feedback survey link is inserted into our outgoing invoices automatically. Please take 2 minutes to complete.
  • Newsletters – We’ve prioritised newsletter sending before recurring campaigns and created more parallel workers to send those.

Why email marketing is better than social media marketing?

In 2018 social media still remain a great marketing tool. Some good marketing strategies can generate debates and they connect audiences with you business.

However, email marketing is said to be 20 times more effective than social media even if emails are prone to getting pushed aside, deleted or ignored entirely. Email marketing campaigns are more effective at attracting audiences and getting them to subscribe during checkout after making a purchase, and they increase the reorder value by as much as 17%.

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What is A/B Testing and how can it help your business?

A/B testing is a great way to compare digital marketing tools or strategies to see which one is working better.

It’s a cost effective way of testing everything from web pages to email campaigns against each other so you get the best ROI. Using this method, you’ll get the numbers and statistics to see what needs to be changed out, tweaked or left alone.

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