Best Marketing Automation Software for Magento

So you have a Magento store and you’re looking for the Best Marketing Automation Tool for it, right? You are on the right page. Here are the reasons: Our extension integrates automatically with your store. Events sent to our systems: product view, add to cart, add to wishlist, category view, search, add to cart, checkout … Read more

What is marketing automation?

We all hear about Marketing Automation in almost every facebook group, news outlet, investment opportunities, trainings or simple blogs we follow. But do we know what marketing automation is? What is Marketing Automation? Marketing Automation is the process that automates marketing efforts in order to reach the goals. Basically, instead of having marketing people doing … Read more

What is ecommerce marketing automation?

We’ve started all to hear and read about marketing automation. But what does it mean for ecommerce? Ecommerce marketing automation is a solution capable of dealing with repetitive tasks which otherwise would be done manually by a human. Think about social media, customer support, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, retargeting which can be set and … Read more

2017 Holidays Marketing Campaigns Tips (with props)

2017 Holidays are around the corner, so you need to be prepared.

The best advice from all marketers we know is to start early. If you haven’t started this is your last chance.

If you don’t have already set all the tactics and marketing materials, here are some ideas for this year holidays. Use them for free and share this article for others to get inspired.

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Improve your ecommerce email marketing strategy with these ideas!

MARA is all about marketing automation, as you know it. You might be already using our 20+ automations scenarios or any other email marketing automations solutions, which probably increased your revenue already. Some other very effective strategies that work together with automations can be used to increase revenues even more. Optimizing campaigns from time to time … Read more

Web push notifications for online stores

Push notifications are something you need to read about. This article tries to summarise how can push notifications get more sales for your store. All online shops use email, social media, affiliate marketing, text messages, or ad networks to bring (back) traffic to their website. The results vary for each of these channels, so we won’t … Read more

What’s next after conversion rate optimization?

Here we are in 2017 still searching for conversion rate optimization tools. There is so much content writter on conversion optimization solutions, ideas, tricks and lots that you might think is changing the world. Is this true, are we missing something if we don’t optimise our site based on conversion rate? Definitely we miss some … Read more

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